As for any other industry, R&D holds the key for further growth at KMML. And we have invested heavily in the R&D dedicated to the paint and pigment division.

The view is to establish world-class products and competitiveness. This excellent facility undertakes research, development and product improvement. Scientists and Engineers continuously pursue innovative technologies in the area of TiO2 pigments, quality improvement and other allied products. The technical and sales service wing extends all help to customers in the field of applications and uses. Analytical services mainly include XRD, XRF, AAS, Carbon Analyzer, Particle size Analyzer, Weathering Testing instruments and Hunter Lab Color Instruments.

Our R & D has achieved the following tasks in recent times

  • Developed New grade RC-802 with excellent balancing properties of gloss and weather resistance.
  • Successfully developed an improved process for oxidation plant.
  • Developed know how to convert iron oxide waste to bricks used for construction.
  • Developed new grade RC - 808, special grade for automotive coating.

The ongoing research includes

  • Developing a grade suited for thin film plastic application.
  • Management of solid effluents.