Superior Quality has been the benchmark for KMML products. The quality parameters set are strictly followed from the moment the sand is mined to the point where the customer takes the packaged product. In short, the mining, manufacturing procedures, process control, testing and packaging are up to global standards.

KMML satisfies the strict guideline of ISO 9001.

Integrated Management System Policy

We, The Kerala Minerals and Metals Limited, strive to become the market leader of Titanium Products and an asset to our stakeholders. Delighting customers with worldclass product and services at competitive prices, preserving the serenity of the environment and maintaining the health and safety of our employees and other persons involved with our activities are our core values.

To enable to achieve the above core values, we are:

  • Committed to continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Integrated Management System
  • Committed to comply with all applicable Legal & other requirements
  • Committed to prevention of pollution, waste reduction and resource conservation
  • Committed to prevention of Occupational  illness & incidents by managing risks in workplace.   
  • Committed to continual  improvement of processes by setting and reviewing integrated objectives, targets and programmes
  • Committed to achieve continual improvement in the areas of optimization of processes, minimization of unit costs and maximization of production and market  revenue.